Q10: I have a best friend at work.

Published on 09/23/2020

This series will give background information and examples for the questions you will see on the upcoming Gallup Employee Engagement Survey.

Q10:  I have a best friend at work.

Of all the items in the Q12, the one that Gallup gets the most requests to remove is item Q10- “I have a best friend at work.”  Gallup would have dropped this element if not for one stubborn fact:  It predicts performance.  Something about a deep sense of affiliation with the people in an employee’s team drives him or her to do positive things for the business. 

Q10 has a direct relationship to profitability, safety, and inventory control.  People are social creatures and companies that harness the power of that emotional connection benefit from it. 

Other connections between the “best friend” statement and business outcomes may seem less clear but have proven out in Gallup’s research.  At one electric utility, friendships among team members proved to be responsible for lower accident rates.  When the workers were asked the reason, they said the answer is simple:  People look out for their friends.

Good leaders encourage friendships in the workplace by modelling the trust and respect needed to create a high performing team.