Q6: There is someone at work who encourages my development.

Published on 09/19/2020

This series will give background information and examples for the questions you will see on the upcoming Gallup Employee Engagement Survey.

Q6:  There is someone at work who encourages my development.

To be successful on Q6, we have to have a shared understanding of what it means. In this case, “development” does not necessarily mean “promotion.”  It means helping individuals find roles or assignments that fit their unique combination of skills, knowledge and talents.

Doing this requires commitment from you and your crewmembers.  Each employee is an individual and may view developmental assignments differently.  To gain traction on Q6, the foreman and employee must develop an understanding about development followed by a commitment.

If you want to give someone a challenging assignment try the following steps:

  • Discuss why you are doing it 
  • Ensure you set the employee up for success 
  • Give additional training or pair them with a more experienced employee,
  • Let them know this isn’t punishment; you want them to gain expertise 

Improving engagement without improving Q6 is difficult.  Leverage your team by encouraging informal mentoring within your crew.  Ask your crew to seek advice not only from you, but from each other to build expertise.  Something as simple as eating lunch together, can create opportunities for these kinds of discussions and mentorships to happen naturally within your crew.

Everyone wants to be good at something.  People want to improve their skills and expertise, as a leader you can leverage that and create a stronger team and a more successful company.