Education Reimbursement Application Deadline

1000 Jerry St. Pé Hwy. Pascagoula

Wednesday, June 30 2021

The Education Assistance program can reimburse tuition and certain other costs up to $5,250 per employee each year. Due to COVID-19, the Open Enrollment period for tuition reimbursement pre-approval is extended through June 30.  Pre-approval forms for tuition reimbursement must include employee’s signature and approval by management, then emailed to Education Assistance. A manager’s email with the employee’s signed pre-approval form as an attachment will be accepted.  Photos of completed and signed employee pre-approval forms will also be accepted with management approval. 

                Employees who may be interested in summer classes should get their approval form submitted as soon as possible.  Ingalls’ Education Assistance administrator is ready to help you meet your education goals. The administrator can offer guidance as you plan to return to school for a degree, advanced degree or to add to your professional skill set with a certification. Tuition reimbursement can also be applied to some non-degree courses such as Dale Carnegie training.  The Education Assistance procedure is available in Command Media: SSO H310. The forms are also available in Command Media: SSF H8602, SSF H9390 and SSF H9615.

For employees currently unable to access Command Media, forms are available at the Maritime Training Academy. Enter through the south entrance and the materials are available in a magazine rack inside the entrance.  If you do not have access to the company intranet, you may request a copy of the information you need from your management.

Be on the lookout for details about connecting with colleges. For more info, contact the Education Assistance Administrator at or 228-935-4696.